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Devastation in the US and British Virgin Islands after Hurricane Irma and How to Help

How to help the Caribbean islands hit hardest by Hurricane Irma:

Other links to local relief in comments appreciated. Some sites were down that I tried to access, so I didn’t link those. Here’s what I came up with.

How to help the US Virgin Islands:

The Community Foundation of the Virgin Islands raises funds for VI improvement projects and is a local organization. They are taking Irma donations if you type “FFVI” into the memo area when donating. [local US news article talking about CFVI here and USVI rep to congress encourages folks to donate here]

Money sent to St. John Rescue goes directly to first responders on St. John.

The St. John Community Foundation is a local, on the ground group that could use Irma donations for rebuilding St. John.

Many are concerned about animals. The Humane Society of St. Thomas can be found here. St. John animal shelter is here, the ACC.

St. Croix basketball phenom Tim Duncan is matching money up to a million dollars for St. Croix relief efforts. The link is here.

How to help British Virgin Islands:

The Director of Tourism issued a statement that the BVI government was partnering with Pledging to take money for the BVI recovery effort called the BVI Recovery Fund.

VISAR is the volunteer Marine search and rescue group in the BVI and takes donations here.

How to help Anguilla:

Anguilla Beaches has a page documenting all the damage and recommends a donation to Help Anguilla Rebuild Now, which will give all funds to LOCAL Red Cross only, and will audit the funs. You can get to that page here.

How to help Antigua & Barbuda:

The Halo Foundation, an Antigua & Barbuda registered non-profit, is basically an umbrella organization for charities local to the island. They’re taking donations here.

The local chapter of the Antigua & Barbuda Red Cross is looking for donations here.

TickeTing is taking donations here. It’s an island local app.

How to help St. Martin:

The only resources I can find, due to my not speaking French or Dutch (the island is split between these two countries), are the respective regional Red Cross organizations:

Netherlands Red Cross Irma donation site.

French Red Cross Irma donation site.

General Caribbean IRMA disaster relief

The Caribbean Disaster Emergency Management Agency has a PDF for direct donations for IRMA relief at their website. Direct link to PDF here. [American readers, it uses direct transfer, as moving money around different countries is difficult and people tend to use transfers. This may be more useful into my readers who are not in the US]

Double the Donation is doing Irma relief and checks to see if your company matches your donation.

Unicef is also a big organization involved in IRMA relief.

The Red Cross is always involved, though many prefer to give more directly due to negative articles about them recently.

Oxfam is another large charity doing Irma and Jose relief.

About the damage to the US Virgin Islands and British Virgin Islands:

The US Virgin Islands are a territory next to Puerto Rico at the top of the Caribbean Island chain. Most people in the US don’t know a lot about them. Most of the weather coverage hasn’t really pinpointed them because many of the folk working for US news agencies regard the VI as a curiosity.

Here is where they are:


The USVI was purchased almost 100 years ago exactly by the US. The BVI is a British territory. They’re just across from the USVI.


The islands contain some of the world’s most beautiful beaches like this:


And this:


Hurricane Irma is the strongest hurricane on record in the Atlantic, with winds sustained of 185 miles per hour.

The eye of this passed right over Tortola, one of the British Virgin Islands.

Both the US and British Virgin Islands have been devastated on a level that is hard to both convey and imagine.

Here are some of the tweets I’ve posted over the last couple days of some of the information that has come out.

This is Carrot Bay in Tortola


And the latest picture:


More images sent out during the eye of the storm:

Video from Tortola:

Here is damage to Jost Van Dyke:

This is a video from Caribbean Buzz Helicopers that shows more damage in Tortola:

And then this video of The Bitter End Yacht Club area of Virgin Gorda was stunning:

The Virgin Islands aren’t the only ones hit. In Barbuda, a small island off Antigua, destruction was near total:

These islands are all often visited by folk on vacation, who enjoy their natural and curated beauty. Please consider giving back if you’ve ever visited.

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  1. Thank you for posting this. I was wondering what islands had been worst hit, and how to help, and you have answered that question for me.

  2. Thank you, Tobias, for this post and these links. I was directed here by a reTweet from Chaucer Doth Tweet. My husband and I have spent some of our happiest times on St. John, and I’m very glad to have the St. John links in particular. I’m also grateful to see more coverage of the VI in general here than we’ve been getting through conventional news sources.

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