03 Aug

Cool Chinese Bus

Wow, China’s really thinking outside the box here with a tall rail straddling bus type thing that will let cars go by underneath it.


It’s really an interesting hack, though I wonder how well trucks and tall vehicles will work to avoid it (update, if you look at the video at Engadget, you’ll spot the neat, lo-tech hack that heavily discourages trucks from using the train/bus lanes!).

Still, it allows the city to add track to this weird looking public transportation vehicle at a much cheaper level that other rail-based metro projects (10% of the cost), and to existing road structure.

6 thoughts on “Cool Chinese Bus

    • I was using the phrasing that was being repeated by others, so I’m not sure what they call it…

  1. The lanes those buses use would have to be passenger vehicles only, and trucks would get their own lane. The buses themselves would have to be equipped with some sort of death ray to blast trucks out of the bus lanes should any truckers find themselves where they shouldn’t be.

  2. Jeff, if you read the Engadget post and watch the video, you’ll see the very elegant hack and lo-tech hack that discourages trucks from being a problem…

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