10 Dec

Confusion is an awesome con in Detroit. I’m going, you should too: here’s my schedule

Hey, this January I’ll be at Confusion, a science fiction convention just up the road from me in Detroit, MI (as duly noted on my appearances schedule). Hey, January in Detroit, you’re thinking? Yeah. But you know what, Confusion is such a cool gathering of the science fiction tribe, including so many writer friends near and dear to me, I can’t imagine being anywhere else. True facts.

I just got my schedule, as I’ve agreed to do some panels, my comments in brackets:

The worst thing I ever tried to write
Cindy Spencer Pape, Cherie Priest, Seleste deLaney, Tobias Buckell, Patrick Tomlinson
6pm Friday – Erie
The trunk novel is basically something an author wrote as practice. These are generally things that are so bad that they should never see the light of day. Our honest and humble panel will discuss some of their versions on this theme to amuse and delight. Did someone try to write a zombie-dinosaur-golem love triangle? Come by and find out.

(if I dig around, I might be able to find some snippets)

If I Knew Then What I Know Now (Session One)
Lucy A. Snyder, Ron Collins, Jacqueline Carey, Tobias Buckell, C. C. Finlay, Ian Tregillis
10am Saturday – Michigan Room
Many of us would do things differently if we had the opportunity to go back and try again with what was learned later. We can’t do that for everything, but in this hour several publishing veterans will shed some light on some aspects of the writing life that they learned the hard way.

(if there’s one thing I’ve done, it’s learning most of what I know the hard way…)

Reading with Stina Leicht and Tobias Buckell
11am Saturday – Southfield

(Stina’s good people, hopefully we can get a good turn out)

Hybrid Publishing
Lucy A. Snyder, John Klima, Sandra Tayler, Howard Tayler, Tobias Buckell
1pm Saturday – Southfield
Self-publishing is here to stay. Traditional publishing is still going strong. What do the people who who do both have to share about their experiences?

(Hybrid creators, we’re like the swamp thing; humanoid, but still capable of love)

Don’t write what you know
Brian McClellan, Elizabeth Shack, Stina Leicht, Tobias Buckell, Catherine Shaffer, Mike Carey
11am Sunday – Erie
An axiom of writing has long been “write what you know”. In SFF circles this is somewhat amended, but the sense that one should constrain writing to subjects of passionate interest and deep understanding still seems to be quite popular. But what about the other side of the coin? What value can be found in writing what one does not know about? Research, learning, and then spreading that joy can yield fantastic results, if done right. We discuss how to do it right.

(steer into the turn!)

Becoming a working writer with Tobias Buckell
12pm Sunday – Rotunda
In this intimate Q&A Tobias talks openly about strategies, tips, and what it took to make it out of hobby and into career, as well as answers questions readers might have about his work)

(By the way, that last one, if you’ve ever just wanted to rap with me about writing, ask any open questions, and so forth, that’s the place to be)