19 Apr

Compulsory science fiction reading in West Virginia?

Interesting. Though I hate forcing kids to read. Much more of a ‘offer them a cornucopia of interesting titles and get them addicted’ sort of person. The ‘compulsory’ in any reading, even my favorite titles, makes me feel icky.

But encouraging reading SF to interest kids in all sorts of wild ideas? Yeah, dude, I’m all about that.

Just not sure this way.

“A bill calling for science fiction to be made compulsory reading in schools has been proposed by a politician in West Virginia in order to ‘stimulate interest in the fields of math and science’.

Ray Canterbury, a Republican delegate, is appealing to the West Virginia board of education to include science fiction novels on the middle school and high school curriculums. ‘The Legislature finds that promoting interest in and appreciation for the study of math and science among students is critical to preparing students to compete in the workforce and to assure the economic well being of the state and the nation,’ he writes in the pending bill.”

(Via Bill for compulsory science fiction in West Virginia schools | Books | guardian.co.uk.)