06 Oct

Check out the Blue Origins test of their capsule escape system

This is pretty amazing. Not only can SpaceX get a booster to restart its engines and land, but Blue Origins can as well. Here they are showing their ability to launch a booster, land it again after restarting the engines, and also test the escape system that shoots the capsule away in an emergency.

I know Blue Origins hasn’t gone orbital, but this puts us close to having two very amazing launch systems available going forward.

One thought on “Check out the Blue Origins test of their capsule escape system

  1. Seeing this just pisses me off at NASA. I remember how they spent the 90s actively discouraging any investment in commercial launch ventures, and seeing this just pisses me off about the lost decade of R&D that might have been.

    I imagine things went otherwise in the good alternate dimension, where Thor Bjornsson and Peter Dinklage are currently filming a live action Asterix and Obelix movie, and Bettie Page had a long and storied career playing Wonder Woman on tv from the 50’s to the 70’s, as well as in several movies, and later, playing Hippolyta in the 00’s reboot of the series.

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