31 Jul

I will be a guest instructor at Clarion West in 2015

So here is the announcement:

“Clarion West is delighted to announce the names of the instructors for the 2015 Six-Week Workshop. Applications will open in December 2014. More information about the instructors and application instructions will be posted in the coming weeks.

Andy Duncan  2015 Clarion West Leslie Howle Fellow
Eileen Gunn
Tobias Buckell
Connie Willis
Nalo Hopkinson
Cory Doctorow  2015 Clarion West Susan C. Petrey Fellow”

(Via News |.)

So first off, what an amazing line up of instructors for 2015. I’ll be keeping some heady company.

One of the things I got to do was meet Clarion West organizers Neile Graham, Tod, and Huw at the Seattle book signing while I was on tour last week. And I have to say, it’s been so hard to keep this secret up until now, even thought I was talking to them the day before the news went out!

So I’m totally honored and amazed that I am now going to be an instructor at Clarion. Having been a new Clarion student myself in 1999, this is one of those ‘coming around full circle’ moments that sometimes happen in life.

It’ll be very, very odd being on the other side of the circle, though. I hope to do well by the students.

01 Jul

My latest novel, Hurricane Fever, is now for sale at eBook outlets and brick and mortar stores of your choosing


Today’s the big day. The launch of Hurricane Fever, my latest novel.

Here is a buy link to B&N.

Here is an Indiebound link that takes you to your nearest Indie bookseller.

What is Hurricane Fever about? Here’s the summary:

A storm is coming…. Introducing a pulse-pounding technothriller by the New York Times bestselling author of Arctic Rising

Prudence “Roo” Jones never thought he’d have a family to look after—until suddenly he found himself taking care of his orphaned teenage nephew. Roo, a former Caribbean Intelligence operative, spends his downtime on his catamaran dodging the punishing hurricanes that are the new norm in the Caribbean. Roo enjoys the simple calm of his new life—until an unexpected package from a murdered fellow spy shows up. Suddenly Roo is thrown into the center of the biggest storm of all.

Using his wits—and some of the more violent tricks of his former trade—Roo begins to unravel the mystery that got his friend killed. When a polished and cunning woman claiming to be murdered spy’s sister appears, the two find themselves caught up in a global conspiracy with a weapon that could change the face of the world forever.

In Hurricane Fever, New York Times bestselling author Tobias Buckell (Arctic Rising, Halo: The Cole Protocol) has crafted a kinetic technothriller perfect for fans of action-packed espionage within a smartly drawn geo-political landscape. Roo is an anti–James Bond for a new generation.

Here is a blog post I wrote for Tor.com about doing some of the research in Barbados for the book.

I was born in Grenada, an island further to the west of Barbados, both of us at the southern tip of the sweep of the Caribbean as it curves down toward South America. Only Trinidad and Tobago lie between Venezuela and us. And all that time growing up, I had no idea that a lost, but no less major and fascinating chapter of humanity’s early attempts to get into orbit lay just one island over from me.

Here is my West Coast Tour Schedule:

—-July 25th: Comic Con panel Vengeance and Villians (San Diego, CA)
—-July 26th: Comic Con signing at Tor Booth (San Diego, CA)
—-July 27th: Borderlands Books reading/signing (San Francisco, CA)
—-July 28th: University Books reading/signing (Seattle, WA)
—-July 29th: Mysterious Galaxy reading/signing (San Diego, CA)

In addition, I’ll be attending DetCon in Detroit and London Worldcon.

My full schedule, as always, is in Appearances.

If you’re interested in reviewing it, details are here.

And here’s what it feels like the day before a book launch.

Thank you to all who’ve pre-ordered copies, or helped spread word of mouth, as first week sales do make a big difference to momentum. Thanks to all bookstores carrying it, and thanks to all my readers. Here we go again!

21 May

Hurricane Fever just got a *starred* review from Kirkus!

Kirkus is one of the big review magazines out there. I’ve just received my first star ever from them, and it’s for Hurricane Fever, and it says things like:

A stormy, aptly named thriller set in the Caribbean of the near future.


Buckell has written a smart and well-constructed tale that’s filled with excitement and the flavor of the Caribbean isles.


So don’t wait for a dark and stormy night to read this novel; you’ll have plenty of fun.

It’s always exciting to get a starred review.

You can pre-order Hurricane Fever here:

[US & Canada: Hurricane Fever, July 1st 2014, ISBN: 978-0765319227 – Amazon: hardcover & ebookB&NIndie Stores]


As a reminder, the UK edition launches at the same time as the US. Here’s the cover:


[UK & Commonwealth: Hurricane Fever, July 3rd 2014, ISBN: 978-0091953539 Del Rey UK

26 Feb

Crystal Rain, Ragamuffin, Sly Mongoose to be relaunched in trade paperback from Tor starting this December

So here’s something I’ve been sitting on for a long while:

Crystal comp


Ragamuffin comp


SlyMong comp

This December, 2014, Crystal Rain will come back out as a trade paperback with an all new look. It will be followed, just a couple months later, by Ragamuffin, and couple months after that, Sly Mongoose.

The original Todd Lockwood covers for the books are awesome. I have them hanging in my office. Getting to see my favorite characters depicted by an artist was awesome. But when we talked about relaunching the series in trade, one of the things I raised was the fact that booksellers had been telling me that Todd, amazing that he is, is usually associated with Fantasy (his amazing work graces many great Fantasy novels and RPGs). As a result, there’s always been confusion among new readers about approaching Crystal Rain, or so hand selling booksellers have told me.

So with this visual rebranding, we wanted to make sure the books say that they are space adventure. Space opera.

Science fiction.

I’m so excited about this new re-release, and hope that the covers help readers who love cracking science fiction take a second look. And I’m going to be begging everyone who was enthusiastic about the first release to please consider taking the time to try and give me a signal boost as we reissue the series.

There are more details and things to share about what is going on with this Xenowealth relaunch, but nothing I can share right now, but lots of pieces of the puzzle are coming together that should make this really, really cool and bring the book to more readers.

So lastly, thank you to everyone who got in on the ground floor. Who took a chance on me with the first book. Caribbean people on another world, squaring off against an implacable foe spurred on by alien overlords. Was it only 8 years ago it debuted? So much has happened since then.

I can’t wait for a new tranche of readers to find the Xenowealth. Your initial excitement and support helped me get to this point.

And keeping this quiet has been tough! So yay!

22 Jul

Arctic Rising now available in the UK & Commonwealth


The Del Rey UK edition of Arctic Rising launched this last Thursday! I’m told it’s findable in train stations, airports, and bookstores near you…

The eBook version is also up.

Del Rey UK has graciously given me their entire front page to promote the book on their site, which was awesome.

A list of places to buy it via your web browser is here at Random House UK’s website.

22 Apr

Two New Books Sold to Tor Books: Paladin’s Quest and Antarctica Ascendent

From a recent announcement in Publisher’s Marketplace that people are noticing:

Author of ARCTIC RISING, Tobias Buckell’s ANTARCTICA ASCENDANT and PALADIN’S QUEST, two near future SF novels, the first a thriller set against a backdrop of global climate change, the second concerning a MMO, again, to Paul Stevens at Tor, in a two-book deal, by Joshua Bilmes and Eddie Schneider at JABberwocky Literary Agency (NA).

Antarctica Ascendent is the working title of the third triptych I’m doing for the novels Arctic Rising and Hurricane Fever (which I’m working on finishing any day now) and I’ll be working on that next year.

Paladin’s Quest is a book about MMOs and their development with augmented reality glasses in the near future, and the blurring of games and work that will overlap in daily life. If you’ve read A Game of Rats and Dragon you’ll get a quick hit the test ideas I’m playing with there. I’m not sure where in the working line up PQ will be written, but it’s a short, tight, tale and I’ve already written some scenes and sketched in outline ideas that I’m thrilled with and can’t wait to write.

With the sale of the two YA novels to Tor Teen, you can see that I’m going to be quite busy here over the next couple years.

You’re all going to be stuck with me for a while longer, I’m afraid.

08 Apr

Arctic Rising a finalist for the Prometheus Award

I’m happy to announce that my book Arctic Rising is a finalist for the 2013 Prometheus Award, held by the Libertarian Futurist Society.

I was nominated in 2007 for Ragamuffin, so it is once again an honor to see something I’ve written be flagged.

There’s tough competition this year:

* The Unincorporated Future, by Dani and Eytan Kollin (TOR Books)
* Pirate Cinema by Cory Doctorow (TOR Books)
* Darkship Renegades, by Sarah Hoyt (Baen Books)
* Kill Decision, by Daniel Suarez (Dutton – Penguin)

Both Sarah and Cory have won previously (and Dani and Eytan Kolling as well). As I said, *tough* competition 🙂

Nonetheless, despite the heavy competition, I will try to make my way down to Worldcon to see the results. It’s not often I get the honor of being nominated for an award, and it’ll be exciting to see who wins live!

01 Feb

Announcing a two book deal with Tor/Starscape

I’ll let the press release at Publishers Weekly lay it out:

Patrick Nielsen Hayden at Tor Starscape has acquired The Island in the Sky, a debut YA novel plus a sequel by SF author Tobias S. Buckell (Halo: The Cole Protocol). The book follows a Caribbean boy, Kadie, who gets the opportunity to travel to the stars when a starship arrives on Earth offering lottery slots to volunteers in exchange for leaving alien diplomats behind. Publication is tentatively set for winter 2014. Joe Monti at Barry Goldblatt Literary did the deal for North American rights.

I’m really excited to work with Patrick. I’m really excited for this book to come out, it’s been a darling I’ve been working off and on with for a while. Joe Monti and I have been conspiring to get this novel out to the world for a while, and it’s always exciting to see a project lock in.

And I’m adding a whole new audience to my work, which is super-thrilling. I’m starting a new chapter of my career as an author by adding YA novels to my work.

I’ll talk more about it and other stuff in the days ahead!

02 Jan

Launching Mitigated Futures for general sale, and much more!

It’s my birthday! And today, the eBook edition of Mitigated Futures goes on sale!

Mitigated Futures

You can buy it:

-Directly from me using Gumroad
-For the Amazon Kindle
-For the Barnes & Noble Nook

It is being processed at B&N, Kobo, and iBooks right now, but still not quite yet live. I’ll updated the links here, and at the book’s page when I see them go live.

The first print run of the limited edition hardcover had a small error, each page was titled with the first story’s title. I redid the print run, but I have 13 copies of that run still left that I’m putting on sale to try and recoup some of the money. If you’re interested in a hard copy, I’m offering them at a ‘name your price’ sale via this link here.

Once they’re gone, they’re gone.

This great collection, with custom art inside, launched via Kickstarter, has been a great success. I’m grateful to everyone who backed early copies. And the hardcovers are a total favorite. The cover by Jenn Reese was incredible, and really complements the whole collection.

In fact, I was so taken with it, I asked Jenn if we could work to create an all new cover for the previous short story collection of mine, Tides From the New Worlds. She did, and it’s again, fantastic:

Tides From The New Worlds

I’ve uploaded the new version of the eBook to all the various eBook outlets that Tides is up at. But I’ve decided to have a little fun to celebrate the launch of Mitigated Futures. I’ve lowered the price of Tides to $2.99 over the last month, instead of $4.99.

And today, I’m debuting a little bit of social goosing. It may backfire, it may be a silly move. But I thought I would try it.

There’s a service around that I’ve seen used once or twice and been intrigued by. It’s called Pay With a Tweet.

So if $2.99 isn’t your speed, I’m offering Tides From the New Worlds up for the price of a tweet to celebrate the launch of Mitigated Futures and to showcase and highlight the new, awesome cover it has.

You can log in, and send a tweet or Facebook post about this, and get the collection for free. You can change the suggested text I have put in to say anything you want, by the way.

So… $2.99, or a tweet. Your call! I’m just very excited about both these collections, and am trying to raise their profile again.