03 Feb


Left work early because Emily called. The back side window of my Civic had been smashed in. My Jensen stereo had been ripped out. Bastard. Apparently one of the houses nearby has had their garage broken into as well. Someone is casing the area. Probably some punk middle-class high schooler funding his drug habit of choice because being white and young in America is so angstful and hard. I’ve already seen some of these kids busted for doing the same think on the college parking lot over the summer.

So we had the cops fill out a report, which I should get soon. Then I need to get the car fixed. Wonder what that will cost?

And I also need to get my license renewed, as it expired in January.

Bleah. I need to sink this paycheck into fixing some things up on the car and sell it. I don’t think I need an extra one sitting around.

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