01 Jul

Back home!

The road trip is over. We pulled into our driveway late Saturday, and spent Sunday relaxing around the house. Today has been our first ‘normal’ day home, and we even picked the dog up from the kennel. He seemed to remember who we were.

Though he seems to like the kennel more than us. He’s an odd one, that dog.

Copies of the UK edition of Arctic Rising arrived! (The cover title is embossed and shiny, so I will be carrying this around and petting it a lot).


I finished a draft of Hurricane Fever, the follow up to Arctic Rising, while on the road. My editors at Tor and Del Rey UK have it, and will be getting back to me soon.

Until then, it’s time to catch up on scads of email and get back into projects that need finished and out the door.

It’ll be time to start Against the Fall of Stars, the YA follow up to The Island in the Sky next, once those are done. I’m reviewing my notes and making plans…