05 Jan

Author Workspaces

Inspired by Lee Goldberg, the Paperback Writer, and Jenny Crusie, Marjorie Liu is showing off her writing space.

Also showing up, fresh after some rearranging after the Pavlina article I linked to, Deborah McDonnell shows off her writing space:

I used to have a monitor which took up so much of the desk I had to sit sideways to type; ever since I got the flat-screen monitor, and reclaimed some desk space, paperwork started accumulating in piles around me.

Who’s next? If you post your link in the comments I’ll update this entry, and when I get home tonight I’ll take a picture of my writing area so you can all have a good laugh.


Carrie Vaughn (oh she of the fun and great Kitty and The Midnight Hour) has pictures of her writer area here. Carrie breaks down what is what on the desk as well!

And Jenny Smith-Gaynor posted her pictures of a craft/writing/play area for the kids.

As pointed out to me via email, Tamara Siler Jones has posted a picture of her workspace. The most comfortable one I’ve seen yet!

Here is Tina Kulesa, Megan Crane, and Holly Lisle.

Kristine Smith posts her writing space here on her LJ, an L-shaped desk with iMac.

Deanna Hook has a beautiful writing area that looks out on her incredible back yard. Suddenly winter seems even more depressing…

Chris Roberson, Alex Wilson, and Heather Ward all posted links to their writing spaces in the comments. Be careful with that laptop Alex!

The Secritcrush posts her workspace pics.

Alma Alexander posts her writing space pictures. Another visually appealing workspace.

Catherine Shaffer posts her writing space in her LJ, as does Vera Nazarian in her LJ.

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11 thoughts on “Author Workspaces

  1. I’ve had a couple versions of my workspace posted on my website for a while now. Try here:

    And scroll down. The photo is a year and half old. The space is 2 more novels written worth of messier now. The picture further down is of when I was working on _Kitty and the Midnight Hour_.

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