25 Jul

Arctic methane belch is expensive… more expensive than going green

Look, the cost of mucking about and waiting is going to be too expensive. Already billions are being spent to clean up after increasing natural disasters. Opponents of alternative energy claim it’s too expensive.

What’s too expensive is this:

“A sudden methane burp in the Arctic could set the world back a colossal $60 trillion.

Billions of tonnes of the greenhouse gas methane are trapped just below the surface of the East Siberian Arctic shelf. Melting means the area is poised to deliver a giant gaseous belch at any moment  – one that could bring global warming forward 35 years and cost the equivalent of almost a year’s global GDP.

These are the conclusions of the first systematic analysis of the economic cost of Arctic melting, which delivers a sobering antidote to other, more upbeat assessments that say melting in this area would improve access to minerals on the ocean bed, increase fishing and create ice-free shipping lanes.”

(Via Huge methane belch in Arctic could cost $60 trillion – environment – 24 July 2013 – New Scientist.)