-Hurricane Fever West Coast Book Tour:
—July 25th: Comic Con panel 101 Ways to Kill a Man (San Diego, CA)
—July 26th: Comic Con signing at Tor Booth (San Diego, CA)
—July 27th: Borderlands Books reading/signing (San Francisco, CA)
—July 28th: University Books reading/signing (Seattle, WA)
—July 29th: Mysterious Galaxy reading/signing (San Diego, CA)

-July 31-Aug 1: Alpha Workshop – Guest Instructor (Greensburg, PA)
-Aug 1st: Barnes and Noble – Booksigning/Reading (Greensburg, PA)
-Aug 12 – Fantasy in the Court – Group Booksigning (London, UK)
-Aug 14-17 – Loncon – panelist (London, UK)

-Sep 20th: Northwest Ohio Writers Forum – Speaker (Toledo, OH)
-Sep 27-Oct 19: Writer-in-Residence Programme – Workshop leader, speaker (Bermuda)
-Oct 25th: speaker – GenreCon (Livonia, MI)

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