16 May

America has lost interest in the Texas explosion

“Adair Grain told the Texas Department of Health Services in late February that its plant in West had the capacity to store 270 tons of ammonium nitrate, which is, according to Reuters, ‘1,350 times the amount … that would normally trigger safety oversight by’ the DHS. The plant had no sprinklers, no fire walls, and no deluge systems, according to the Associated Press. The insurance policy on the plant was only for $1m. Texas does not have liability insurance mandates for plants like the one in West in case people are injured or killed. It does, however, require those liability mandates for all kinds of businesses like those that rent out inflatable bounce houses for kids’ birthday parties and air-conditioner repair outfits.”

(Via Why has America lost interest in the West, Texas fertiliser explosion? | Jessica Luther | Comment is free | guardian.co.uk.)

But hey, the governor is still touring the country talking about how awesomely deregulated things are.

So that was basically a win for him, I take it.