26 Apr

Amazon removing Kindle books under 2,500 words

Interesting that Amazon is doing this. They should open up Kindle Singles, but right now the only way to get into that is… oh, yeah, they have evil gatekeepers.

I think a short story digital marketplace of Kindle Singles at 30 cents to 99 cents, with 70% royalties, would be amazing. But you have to be in Amazon’s clique to get access to that.

Fair enough. But interesting to see them taking back more and more of what they initially gave (you can only have 70% royalties in some regions, you can unlock them if you sign with Kindle Select in some major regions now, and the limited access to short story royalties now getting tightened).

It’s for the customer’s benefit. It’s smart on Amazon’s part, getting rid of cruft and spam with low content ratios, to make readers happier about not having to wade through chum.

So far a lot of what digital direct publishing for authors and for customers lined up in Amazon’s view. Now that things are shifting, Amazon will always allay with the customer.

It’s nice when their interests overlap with writers. I’m happy with my digital sales, but this is another reason I’d never put all my eggs in that basket; if Amazon is willing to ‘clean’ this up, what happens when they decide they want tweaks elsewhere?

“Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing is reportedly planning to remove Kindle books that are less than 2,500 words.

At the KBoards site for Kindle readers and writers, one author shared a letter from Amazon that explained: ‘Content that is less than 2,500 words is often disappointing to our customers and does not provide an enjoyable reading experience.’”

(Via Amazon Cracks Down on Kindle Books Under 2,500 Words – GalleyCat.)