03 Jan

ACA Signups: the 538 of the ACA political newscape

ACASignups is like the 538 of the ACA roll out political landscape (the graph in particular makes me swoon):

“What about the big guns?

Why is ACAsignups.net being run by Charles Gaba and other volunteers, including myself? Why hasn’t a major media outlet made an endeavor to keep a running, daily (or at least weekly) total of ACA enrollments? Why is news routinely reported uncritically and without context? When HHS announced that there had been 1.1 million signups through HealthCare.gov as of December 24th, many news organizations didn’t bother to emphasize that this was only half the picture (or more accurately, 55.5 % of the picture). There was little mention of the fact that 14 states running their own exchanges and accounting for 44.5 % of the CBO’s enrollment targets had close to a million enrollments – with California alone accounting for 400,000.

Just the facts

However, in the months ahead, at least you can look to ACAsignups.net for one thing: an honest and accurate state-by-state tally and running total of ACA enrollment data, where you can check every data point for yourself. We’ll also examine the trends and look behind the scenes at what this data really means.”

(Via Welcome to a Healthier Year! (Guest Post) | ACASignups.net.)

The swoon-worthy graph: