12 Jul

A Competition

So I need a business card. It needs to have the link ‘www.TobiasBuckell.com’ on it, my name somewhere with email address. Additionally it needs to announce that ‘Crystal Rain’ is coming in ‘February 2006’ somehow, and it should feature the cover somehow as well. I started fooling around with some templates and stuff with the aim of ordering some Crystal Rain fridge magnet business cards from Vistaprint, and then I thought, I’m a marginal graphic design kinda person as it is.

And then it crosses my mind that I have 5 copies of the bound manuscripts for Crystal Rain. These are uncorrected prints of the novel for potential blurbers to read, and there are only like 25. So theoretically, one day, these might be rare critters.

After a call to my editor he gave the go ahead, and I’d like to announce the Crystal Rain business card magnet design competition. Beginning today I’ll be accepting submissions of business card designs at this email address: card@tobiasbuckell.com and I’ll be announcing the winner on July 22nd. The prize is a bound manuscript of the novel that you can get your hands on a full 200 days ahead of everyone else, as well as a $20 iTunes Gift Certificate.

If you’re interested in bookmarks or other similar design items, I’ll be taking a look at those, and offering a $20 iTunes Gift Certificate for the best non-business card design (I mainly like magnetic biz cards b/c I can carry them anywhere, and people like promo stuff that has practical value in holding up their fridge art 😉

I’m looking forward to submissions. The business card template is below from Vistaprint:

Vistaprint Businesscard

The cover wrap for Crystal Rain is at this link. Please note I’ll make sure to run the final design I approve past my editor to make sure they approve the design and the manner in which we use the art, just so that I’m making sure I’m doing right by the other creative people involved.

I look forward to seeing if I get any submissions, and what they will be!

3 thoughts on “A Competition

  1. And here I thought I wouldn’t have time…

    Sub sent. Could you drop an email at some point to let me know you received it? I know my junk mail’s full of spam talking about business cards.


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