09 May

8th Year Freelanciversary

Today I celebrate walking out of a 9-5 and never looking back 8 years ago. It’s my 8th Year Freelanciversary!

I’ve spent more years as a freelancer (8) than I did at a regular day job (6). Ever since I matched the same number of years freelancing as I did having a 9-5 (and got a tattoo to match at the same point), I’ve started to internalize it. For a long time it used to feel like I was getting away with something, or that it was too good to be true and continue.

Freelancing still involves having to keep an eye out for the wolf at the door, and getting hit with almost dying back in 2008 (and debt for not being able to work and medical bills) really put a dent in it, but as I start being able to put that behind and really work forward, I have to say I’m really looking forward to the next few years of being a freelancer.

It’s been hard work. But it’s been hard work I choose and hard work on my schedule. And it turns out I really thrive on that.

My thanks to everyone out there who buys my books or hires my services.

I know it’s been quiet on the blog. I’ve been working hard, the blog suffers as a result.