23 Jun

Hello reviewers, I have a new book out: Hurricane Fever. Please reach out to me if you don’t yet have a copy

Hello reviewers and commentators and book people.

I’ve tried not to be annoying about this, but I do feel obligated to put the word out that I have a new book coming out.

It’s coming out next Tuesday. July the 1st.

It’s called Hurricane Fever. Here’s the book’s dedicated page.

Here’s the US cover:


Here’s the UK cover:

9780091953539 large

Under my press kit are images of me that are high res, and high res book photos. Anything missing? Let me know.

How can you get your hands on the book? Leah Withers at Tor.com is my publicist at Tor (Leah.Withers@tor.com). Alice Hill is my publicist at Del Rey UK (AHill@eburypublishing.co.uk).

The book is also up at Net Galley, if you have a Net Galley account as a reviewer.

If you do not yet have a copy via those means, I have some author’s copies, and some advance review copies, of both UK and US editions (and some author’s copies of the US editions yet to arrive) and I can send you an eBook of the ARC as well.

If you’d like to review Hurricane Fever, then, please fill out this form so I can get your particulars and plan to try and get a copy in your hands!

I’m also happy to talk on podcasts, video, via phone or email, just email me at tobias@tobiasbuckell.com to work out the particulars!