14 Jun

Bulletproof blankets points the saddest picture about America

This is the saddest news story about America:

The alarming rate of school shootings across the country appears to have added an unsettling new item to parents’ list of “back to school” items: bulletproof armor for their children. Among such items, the Bodyguard Blanket, a portable, bulletproof covering for children, has seen its sales exceed its manufacturer’s expectations in less than two weeks on the market.


This is surrender.

It puts the onus of survival on kids.

Kids, man.

Not adults fixing the root of a larger issue. Kids are expected to just deal with shooters, not in the way it works for sure in other countries which don’t have the death by random shooters stats we do, but by crouching on the floor with a blanket.

Meanwhile, a graph of school shootings:


These shootings are increasingly more tied to rural and suburban schools, where the focus and obsession is with school.

I guess this hits close to home for me, my kids are going to kindergarten next year. I live in exactly the sort of community that harbors and creates people who think, collect, and act like this.

Time to work harder, save money.