03 Jun

Name Calling, by Celeste Rita Baker, is up at Abyss & Apex

Celeste Rita Baker was the author being edited that prompted a post on this blog not too long about dialect and how to use it in fiction. It’s always exciting to see another Caribbean voice in genre, I hope it’s the first story of many:

“Celeste Rita Baker says: When I was young woman, an ‘other mother’ of mine gave me a journal titled ‘How Can I Know What I Think Until I See What I Say?’  And so I write. I have published short stories in The Caribbean Writer, Calabash, Margin’s Magical Realism, Scarab, The Black Science Fiction Society’s Genesis and most recently in Moko Magazine. I am a Virgin Islander who was born in New York, came to know myself on St. Thomas and have been going back and forth for the last fifty years. Most of my VI family has already died, but I try to go home twice a year to refresh my soul.”

(Via Name Calling | Abyss & Apex.)

The story she wrote, Name Calling, is now readable in both the edited version and the original at that link above. If you’re interested in the Caribbean Fantastic, go take a look at both versions (the original is at the end of the edited version, which starts first).