27 May

Site relaunch sale, just use the code ‘siterelaunch’ to save when buying directly

Since relaunching the website last week I’ve been pretty happy with the faster loading times, cleaner layout, and an easier-to-navigate ‘buy my books‘ section.

I’ve updated how you can buy books directly from the website as well. Instead of using a shopping cart system, I’ve moved all the eBooks over to Gumroad. Gumroad is a nifty 3rd party site that accepts credit cards, delivers the files, and basically makes it painless and worry-free for me to offer direct sales of the eBooks.

Books with the ‘Directly From Me’ button let you just plug into Gumroad and buy the book. I have Kindle and ePub files available there.

I’ve also set up Gumroad’s coupon feature. To celebrate the relaunch of the site, all of the books for sale are $1 off their eBook versions if you use the code ‘siterelaunch’ without the quotes.

Books you can buy direct:

The Executioness


Tides from the New Worlds

Mitigated Futures

The Apocalypse Ocean