22 May

Website relaunch

Well, the website is all shiny and new again. I last overhauled it in March 2013, as I felt it had been getting creaky. However, the new template that I used required me to set up a lot of plugins to make it work. A whole layer on top of everything else. And it was very dodgy.

Eventually I got tired of things breaking due to wordpress upgrading and decided to revamp.

Additionally, since the last revamp, people had pointed out that the background and tiny font had been making it hard to read.

For this new iteration, I’ve focused on more open, clean space and let the text and graphics hold their own. I also simplified the heck out of all the pages and sub themes as much as I could, so that if I have to move to another theme it’ll be easier. I also have less to take care of now. I moved from 30 plugins down to 10, and from 40 pages of information down to 12.

The book page information is handled by Book Table, a plugin for authors.

At the top, the Buy My Books link takes you to a list of all the books for sale, and they all have buy buttons. Very straightforward. Book Table has some nice breadcrumbs in there, and I can tag books by series, so it’s easy to sort out what books are in what series (and related books appear at the bottom of the book pages). Bibliography is duplicative for some, but my click tracking shows I have two audiences: one that looks for a button that says ‘buy my books’ and one that looks for ‘bibliography’ and there isn’t necessarily overlap. Having both in plain site will hopefully help everyone.

Appearances lists where I’ll be (and shows back up in the blog right hand sidebar) and includes a link to info about how to invite me to speak. The Press Kit is new, and long overdue. It hopefully curates the things that those looking for a kit need. And I found a better Contact Me plugin.

There’ll be some more tweaking, but this seems to be a more functional site, less prone to breaking, faster to load, and easier to take care of.

I need to get new author photos for the press kit… but we’re getting close.