11 Apr

My kids turn 5 today

Five years ago. Doesn’t seem all that long. But I’ve ended up with two five year old kids running around the house.

How did that happen?


Their current hobbies include re-enacting memorized lines from Frozen, bedazzling open surfaces of the house with stickers (where do all these stickers come from? I don’t remember buying them, they just seem to… happen), and heckling me in my office when they get home (“did you finish the book today, daddy?” “No, I’m a quarter of the way through.” “Well, you should finish it soon.” “I know.” I once explained to them that I get paid if I write a book, so they sometimes add in “You know, you’ll get more monies if you finish the book.” Me: “Trust me, I know.”).

They’re wildly creative, funny as all hell, opinionated, and too smart by half. I hope they take over the world.