10 Mar

The Skiffy and Fanty Show is trying to take their World SF Tour to Worldcon

Shaun Duke is trying to get out and interview more international authors and is looking for help to do it via Go Fund Me:

“What is the World SF Tour?

Throughout 2014, The Skiffy and Fanty Show will focus much of its attention on science fiction and fantasy works from places outside of the United States. This will consist of interviews, movie discussions, the occasional Torture Cinema special, and discussions of World SF w/ locals. It’s a fairly large project, but it’s one I think is worthwhile. Additional details about the project can be found here.”

(Via Send the World SF Tour to Worldcon! by Shaun Duke – GoFundMe.)

One of the milestones they unlocked during the funding campaign was a review of one of my favorite novels, Tim Powers’ The Anubis Gates:

“Although one of his thicker, longer novels, I think that The Anubis Gates is one of Powers’ most accessible novels. It’s complete in one volume and chock full of allusions, magic, and history, begging the reader to learn more after (and with Kindles these days, during) the reading of the novel, and the prose is just gorgeous. The early 1980’s style means that the novel does focus much more on plot and setting than characterization, although the novel has plenty of the latter as well. How can you, for example, resist a character named Dog-Face Joe? Or Horrabin, a dangerous clown running a gang of beggars in London?”

(Via Mining the Genre Asteroid: The Anubis Gates by Tim Powers | The Skiffy and Fanty Show.)