11 Feb

Does anyone remember this open driving simulator? And can we have one again?

So I found myself writing this to an old high school friend of mine recently:

There was a driving simulator I adored that I’d love to see replicated. There were roads, and other traffic. No racing, you just drove a sedan around, and you could see other cars in your mirrors. If you went over the speed limit you’d get pulled over if you passed a cop and ‘lose.’ Cross into traffic, you’d usually hit another car and ‘lose.’ Drive off the edge of the road and ‘lose.’

I’d wander all over in it.

Now I use Grand Theft Auto the same way. Sometimes I rarely play missions, I just drive around the open world and look at stuff for a while and then go to bed.

At first I was like, ‘Damn, I’m getting old,’ and then I realized ‘no, I used to love doing this even back in the day.’

Half the time I play Forza I’m just looking at the mountains.

Anyone know of any mundane open world driving simulators like this?

update: Wow, some help from people and some poking around on the internet, and I found that a) I slightly misremember how ‘open’ the world of this game was and b) I found the game!

It was Test Drive II or III. I think it was III because I had the processor issue when I upgraded to a slightly faster machine all the cars sped up!

Picture and review:


Wow, blast from the past.

further addendum: A number of people suggest Euro Trucker for an open ended driving simulator…