04 Feb

New Lego movie early reviews have me excited

I cannot wait for this movie:

“More importantly, given the film’s flip approach, it means that no one is being so protective of the way that, say, Batman (Will Arnett) or the ‘Star Wars’ characters are presented that a team of lawyers was allowed to swoop in and spoil the fun. Instead, everything is subject to the director’s silly-making sensibility, especially the plot itself, which may as well have been borrowed from every other brink-of-disaster epic. So, while Emmet and his minifigure friends go about trying to save the day, the film takes a step back to reveal the live-action world in which their tiny travails are situated, earning not just laughs, but a measure of genuine sentiment in the process.”

(Via ‘The Lego Movie’ Review: The Tiny Toy Bricks Get the Bigscreen Movie They Deserve | Variety.)

Of all the 80s product movies that have been made (GI Joe, Transformers), Lego is the only one that brings me warm fuzzies just from hearing about the name. Combine that with the snippets of the movie I’ve seen so far, I’m certainly taking the twins to see this on opening week.