03 Feb

Workshops galore!

John Scalzi brags about students of his at workshops who have gone on to do well, while reminding us that the Clarion workshops and Viable Paradise workshops are taking applications:

“Can’t tell you how cool it is when someone you taught goes on and publishes. I taught three years at VP and a year at Clarion, and each of those classes were filled with writers who were smart as hell and genuinely fine wordsmiths. Several have gone on to publish — and I’m absolutely delighted each time it happens. One cannot take too much credit for other people’s work (and besides there were several other very excellent instructors both at VP and Clarion), but one can still feel pride in their accomplishments.”

(Via These Books Are Partially My Fault | Whatever.)

In addition, I’d love to point you to the Alpha Workshop for teens, who are taking donations to help get young writers to this workshop. They are one of two workshops for younger writers I’ve been lucky enough to have the chance to be an instructor at:

The Alpha SF/F/H Workshop for Young Writers is truly one of a kind: a ten-day residential writing workshop that trains teens from 14 to 19 years of age in the craft of writing genre fiction. Alpha has run every summer since 2002 in Pittsburgh, PA, and the upcoming workshop may be the most exciting yet!

It’s going to be exciting because I’ll be there this year!

But even more exciting because of other instructors like Bruce Coville, Rachel Swirsky, and Tamora Pierce. I know the feeling John talks about. It’s amazing to see writers you met at the very start of their journey breaking out even further.