01 Feb

Dumas: no, he wasn’t white

Now that the BBC has put a black musketeer in a recent series, a whole lot of people are shown as being utterly unaware that Dumas was not white:

“We like to imagine that in the past (in general, a blanket past) in any region of the world where there was a big white population (Canada, the US, England) there couldn’t possibly have been POCs. If they were, they wouldn’t have been ‘cool’ ones, anyway. They’d amount to servants, the kind of people we don’t want to know about because it’s BORING.”

(Via Black Like Me.)

The book, The Black Count, by the way, is a must read. I’ve been studying up on Dumas for a long while. I’m thrilled to see him getting talked about. Dumas’s father was, in some ways, the inspiration for the Count of Monte Cristo. And his life story is amazing.