30 Jan

Elder Scrolls body armor fail

I was watching this 13 minute full cinematic trailer for the upcoming Elder Scrolls game. And there is this moment, most of the way through, when the woman in armor that leaves boobs and and back exposed gets hit with an arrow.

Reader, I laughed out loud. Because it perfectly illustrates the thing that people keep writing about online (like here at Tor.com). Hey, if you’re a badass warrior and don’t need armor, don’t wear it. But here is this woman wearing this clunky, basically shoulder armor, and she gets hit right in the back because the armor is decorative.

It is such a perfect illustration of why the armor is silly, I kind of want a gif of it to illustrate why boob armor is silly. But I have to wonder if the creators realized this, or is they weren’t even self aware…

The shot is right at the 9:00 mark, by the way, in her back where the decorative armor leaves her fetchingly unprotected.

Another note people raised on twitter: I have no idea what is supposed to be happening. There’s no real story here, it’s just a sequence of cool action events. They’re well modeled, but… I have no idea what this game is about at this point.

Here you go, my friend Alex Dugger made the gif for us:


Melissa Ann Singer suggested this College Humor sketch about female body armor: