28 Jan

Progress report: day 28

Today saw me adding 260 words to the short story System Reset as I edited it up according to editorial comments after I dropped the twins off. Sitting proved torturous, so I created a quick and dirty standing desk:


I then turned to working on the copy edits for Hurricane Fever that are due. Talked to my editor about moving the acknowledgements to the back (my preference) and got the clearance for that (my favorite bad review of my first novel was a long rant about how the acks were at the front, and I was like 0_o. Because I always insist on the acks being in the back). The sooner the reader gets to reading the text the better, in my humble opinion.

I’m about 10% of the way through Hurricane Fever’s copy edits. Lots of work ahead, as I have to do this and get the outline cracking on PS-1. There’s a little goblin in the back of my head that is just shrieking ‘five days behind’ over and over again right now, and it’s hard to escape.

Right as I finished up the day’s work, the editor for the short story accepted it and sent a contract. A relief. No matter how far along in the process you get, there’s still always the question in the back of your head when something’s out for submission. Even after 55 or so acceptances.

I’m used to the wait, but the next one could always be the one I strike out at after all this time. It still happens.