27 Jan

Progress report: day 27


Day 27. Landing on my back after that spill on the ice completely fubared the whole week and weekend. I spent it hopped up on Vicodin and struggling to move around. Come Sunday I eased off that stuff and stuck to the anti-inflammatory.

I had plans to blog about this or that, including a recap of my weekend at Confusion. But now I’m madly trying to catch up on work I’m behind on.

I missed five days of work to this stupid spill. That’s six days this month. Blargh.

My back is still feels lit-on-fire painful, but I’m no longer being stabbed and randomly falling over in pain as random things move around in my lower back. I can walk around, and sit, and that’s pretty awesome.

Emily is traveling, so I have the twins. I took them to daycare today at noon, despite the back. It worked out okay until Cal jumped out of the van, expecting me to catch her. I did, not going to let a kid face plant on the icy asphalt parking lot. But it really hurt, and still has me grimacing.

I mainly worked on the short story System Reset edits, with the exception of a little half hour nap when the back pain got high enough to become distracting. I did do some note-taking last night on ideas for outline for the novel PS-1, which is good. That has to start February, things are piling up, and I need to regain the lost time this fall has stolen.

Even though I don’t have a summary of Confusion, here is a pic Steve Drew from Reddit/Fantasy took of me after I signed some gauntlets that will be auctioned off for charity. New author pic?

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