24 Jan

Some gentle narcissism to help the pain go down

I’m resting on painkillers and frustration since slipping and falling on the ice and hurting myself. However the x-rays have come back and I’m told there is no fracturing or damage, other than muscle-related. So it’s painkillers and anti-inflammatories and trying to slowly get better.

Sometimes I joke that getting my pants on is an accomplishment. It’s a common freelancer’s joke for those of us who work from home. But with limited range of motion, today I have to say it was actually quite an accomplishment.


Wow, iO9 has a list of books that delve into how the mind works. Sly Mongoose is listed, and I’m keeping some really fucking amazing company:

“With one character in this 2008 novel, Buckell shows us a social media hive mind that humans might actually embrace one day. Katerina is from a civilization where every decision is made by citizens voting over a sophisticated computer network that’s wired into everybody’s brains. No policy or political decision is ever made without consulting the hive mind of the whole democracy. In this vision of the hive mind, individuality isn’t lost — but the brain networks allow people to make more democratic group decisions in the blink of an eye.”

(Via 10 Books That Will Change the Way You Understand the Mind.)

Also, I had no idea I was the son of a bitch that sucked Michael Cummings back into reading science fiction. He talks about the experience:

We were walking through when one of the book displays caught my eye. I hadn’t really branched out in books in years, so the cover of Tobias Buckell‘s Ragamuffin really caught my eye. I picked it up not knowing it was the second book in a series. By the time I put it down, I didn’t care.

Michael, stories like that are the reason we keep writing and cheer one up on a frustrating week like this. Thanks for sharing.