21 Jan

Progress report: day 21 (and catchup)

This weekend I went to Confusion, a local convention held in Detroit. I’ve been going since 2001. I went into wondering if I’d be able to keep my unchained days of writing going. On Friday I managed to juggle packing and getting in some work. Saturday I spent an hour working on the outline of PS 1.

I figured I’d work Sunday night, but Sunday night was my first stumble. I broke 18 days of chained together writing because when I got home I was so exhausted I ended up not even getting in front of the computer for even a token reinforcement of the habit.

The trick to developing a habit is not to get too morose about failing, but to get back on the bandwagon. Yesterday I got right back at it, working hard on edit notes for a story, giving me my first unchained day again. Today is the second, with more edits on the story.

If I make it through January with only one missed day, I’ll still be happy about this experiment. I’ve written 10,000 words so far this month, and edited two short stories (if I finish the edits on System Reset today, which it looks likely I will). Still on track to make the words I need to make this year. I’ll breathe easier once all the short fiction I owe people is done and I’m just working on the novel PS 1.

Also on the deck, I need to have the final copy edits for Hurricane Fever back to my editor at Tor by the 31st.