14 Jan

Progress report: day 13 and 14

Cal had to stay home for a doctor’s visit today. She ended up snuggled up on the floor with a blanket watching some TV as I worked. Barbie Dreamhouse was the chosen show. In theory, it should be rather horrendous (and there are elements of Barbie culture fully there that I could live without). But I was amused to overhear the Indiana Jones references in the first episode: they had to use a jeweled staff and the sun’s rays on a dream house model to figure out the location of something, and they had to replace a chip with something of equal weight, and of course, fail and have to run away from a giant Barbie head. I always appreciate the call outs for parents in kid’s shows. Particularly a Scotty in the engine room sequence regarding an oven.

Daddy daughter time.

Yesterday I inched the Kickstarter fiction piece forward 191 words. Not impressive, but I was still recovering from a fever and spent most of the day in bed, asleep or doing my best impression of a hibernating bear.

Today was marginally better, though the walk to take Cal to the doctor left me pretty wiped (I took an all-afternoon nap, and Calli was nice enough to just sit in the dogbed in our room with an iPad until everyone got home, as I gather I was out cold).

On the plus side, this tiredness might help me shift my hours a bit earlier (something I really need to do, they’ve been drifting into late night hours beyond even my own comfort levels, a lay over from deadline panics and stress. I tend to stay up late to buckle down). Staying up late isn’t a huge issue, I have a flexible schedule, but I am part of a family. And they’re really good about giving me the space when I’m up late on deadlines, but I’ve been tracking my sleep on an iPhone app for a couple months now. I’ve learned that I do wake up into a shallow sleep while everyone is leaving the house for school and it takes a while to get back into a quality sleep state.

In fact, the app’s data indicates that I seem to get the best, most refreshing sleep if I’m in bed by around 12:45 or earlier. That way getting woken up earlier doesn’t leave me feeling as gutted, and I tend to get more deep sleep and woken up less by morning activity.

Data for the win. I’m trying to abide by its lessons. I’m a natural night owl, but I do have to respect the fact I am a part of a household. I tend to fail often in shifting my hours, but I keep trying. The failure comes from when I get knocked off my routine, or have a deadline, as I tend to stay up late to finish work, as I find it easier at night to focus.

Today 350 words on the Kickstarter fiction project. The total is 875. With less sick, a good night’s sleep, and no kid in the house tomorrow I’m hoping will be productive.

Still, 14 days in a row, writing every day. It takes 55 at least to make it a habit. It’s interesting talking myself out of calling a day off because of all the things that interrupted writing time (being sick, doctor’s visits) and figuring out how to fit even just a small bit in. In particular, starting another project right up, right away, was hard, as I tend to wallow around a bit after finishing a story or anything, really, before starting the next.