13 Jan

Progress report: weekend edition

I’m fighting a fever and a tremendous amount of exhaustion. I just want to curl up in a ball in front of a space heater by the TV and drift in and out while watching shows all weekend. The fever’s not too high, but the exhausting and cough (that wakes me up a bit when lying fully down) is cramping my style.

Emily wanted to take the twins to their first ever ice skating rink. I took a shot of cough medicine and piled in, even though I felt pretty horrible I didn’t want to miss seeing their first rink experience. And I’ve also never been. I have rollerbladed some, so it wasn’t too alien. I fumbled my way around and got moving a bit.

The twins rocked, until Thalia hit the ice hard and got a nosebleed. She refused to go back out. By that time my being sick caught up to me, I was exhausted and dizzy, so sitting out while Cal and Emily went around a couple more times was perfect. I fell asleep in the car on the way back and then curled up on the floor in front of the space heater listening to the twins watch Barbie Dreamhouse while I drifted.


Yesterday I did spend time on the planning stage of a short short piece for the Kickstarter anthology I promised a story to. 0 official words, but I was brainstorming on legal pads and creating template for the story that matches Kickstarter pages.

Today, a 334 words.

Now, back to more Nyquil for the headache and cough and under the warm blankets with some TV and napping, sleeping if I am so lucky.