11 Jan

Go Pro Video Of Hawaii Plane Crash reveals some interesting insight into humans in emergencies

“Good Morning America got a hold of the GoPro video taken inside a plane’s cabin as it crashed into the Pacific Ocean near Hawaii last month.

A passenger on a plane, Ferdinand Puentes, also used the camera to take a selfie”

(Via Go Pro Video Of Hawaii Plane Crash – Business Insider.)


One of the things that interest me about this video is that the reports are surprised at how calm everyone is. Look, Hollywood, writers, people really push the idea that people are lemmings that panic mindlessly in emergencies and civil disasters. That people are incapable naturally of forming fast communities to engage with issues. Never mind that we’ve seen amazing coordinated action among people in amazing spots in history (to evacuate beaches of soldiers, move people across a river after a terrorist attack, etc).

The reporters shouldn’t be surprised, but they are because they are actually part of the issue that focuses on negative panics and ‘bleeds and leads’ stories. They should, however, educate themselves a bit.