10 Jan

Progress report: day eight and day nine (special combined edition)

This is my ninth day in a row of unbroken writing. Yesterday I managed a rather meager 336 words on the short story Code, for 4,269 words total. Was a bit exhausted by shoveling snow which led to me falling asleep very early. Lots of business phone calls, administrative type stuff seemed to eat up the day as well.

Bright side: our furnace seems to be working happily. Crisis averted.

Today sees 1,690 words for a total of 5,959 on Code. I’m like, this close to done. I’ll be wrapping it up tomorrow, as I have the last scene blocked out. Once done I can send it out, which will be great. I may retitle the story though. And it’s certainly not the 3,000 words I thought it would be. I’ll have to recheck my word limit on this one, just in case.

The internet is down in my house, I’ve mainly been reading things via my phone. Time Warner is supposed to get a technician out tomorrow, but it’s been real hit or miss here due to the storm.

In a little hit of irony, I think a TWC tech lives somewhere nearby, as I see a TWC van pass by almost every evening. It felt like a dig by the universe, but seeing as that I have heat back on, losing internet feels petty to complain about too much.

With the shoveling snow and today’s walk into town I have two unbroken days of activity up on the wall. Boo yah.