08 Jan

Progress report: day seven (furnace failure edition)

Photo 1

A cold day when I woke up. The negative temps meant that our door lock on the front door as well as the latch began to ice over!

Did not go on my daily walk as I spent a lot of time worrying about our furnace as the house remained in the 50s due to no heat. Emily baked a lot. We tried a fire, but couldn’t keep the glass gates open due to all the smoke (chimney really needs a cleaning), so it didn’t dump as much heat as we’d hoped (though even with closed glass doors it was nice to sit in front of):

Photo 2

The furnace got choked by snow blowing into the exhaust pipe as well as some build up due to not being as efficient as it once was 23 years ago when first installed. After rebooting it we got lucky and it started to work again. An affordable HVAC repair visit, and it should hold out a winter longer. Good for the budget.

After everyone went to bed rather late, I got back on the word train for Code. 1,003 words added for a story total of 3,932. Hoping for more words and the finish of the story tomorrow, when it’ll be warm all day and hopefully without crisis.

Stayed up late to get these 1,000, though. I’ll need to try and wrest my schedule a bit earlier or I’ll vampire out. Not to mention I have phone calls and people stopping by (possibly) early in the morning tomorrow, so I can’t stay up any longer than I already have or I’ll be incoherent.