07 Jan

It’s chilly out there [redux]

While it is warming up out of the negatives and up to a whole degree, we encountered a whole new wrinkle. My furnace is old, and it has to work a little extra hard. The experts tell me it has a winter (maybe with a miracle two) left in it, though who really knows, it could sputter on. The Nest thermostat, now programmed to drop temperatures at night (to save me money and maybe even use the furnace less), took the house temps from 73 yesterday down to 60 at night.

I’d been noting the fact that it was keeping up with an 85 degree temperature differential pretty amazing. But it looks like it was just keeping it, barely.

When I woke up this morning the house was 62 degrees instead of 75 (I have it wake me up to a nice toasty house, then slowly lower it). My bedroom, my office, and the family room tend to remain 5 degrees colder than the hallway the thermostat is in, so I woke up to 54 degrees in my bedroom.

We have a fireplace, but the chimney needs cleaned, it’s not really safe to use. I meant to have it cleaned this summer, but it slipped my mind.

The furnace looks like it may have died. Doesn’t seem to be running, and the house is just thankfully holding the mid 50s temps inside. I have someone coming over to look, but the last time they were out they warned me this might happen. If they can cobble one last winter out of it…

…we’re safe, the mid 50s and a space heater means we can keep a single room in the low 60s. Dressed warmly, no one is in danger. There’s a hotel if the temperatures plummet further that we can get to. If we can’t get the car to start, there’s a friend who offered a spare room, and they’re within walking distance. There’s also people who can drive us to a hotel if need be. I have overnighted a larger space heater via Amazon Prime. Tonight’s mainly the night where I’ll be staying up all night, monitoring the temperatures if someone isn’t able to come look at the furnace.

Mostly I’m gnashing my teeth about how much this all might end up costing me. And rueing the fact that I’ve lost a whole day of productivity to worrying and figuring this out.