06 Jan

Progress report: day six (frozen edition)


It’s cold out there. Dipped below 0 as I got up and settled into my office and took the above picture. Lots of frost on the window. Got freelancing done (it’s CES week, putting in some extra afternoon hours, worked on some eBook stuff) and worked on the short story Code some more in the later afternoon.

I’ve really gotten into the characters and think I have a nice little odd couple going. Had to delete some exposition, but it’s saved in a file. So it doesn’t add to my word count just yet, but it will help me get a jump on tomorrow as I turn it into argument, character reveals, and so forth. Sometimes you have to write stuff down awkwardly to see what it looks like and know where it goes.

Today’s progress was 943 words that I like (close to final polish) and a total of 2,919 on the story Code that I’m writing. Six days of writing in a row chained together.

The story was planned to be 3,000 words, but I think I have another 1,500 on deck still. And I’ll have to get them all tomorrow. So it’ll be a crunch time kinda day. But I’m averaging 566 words a day, even with the 22 word day yesterday, which if I consistently do every day will lead to a solid year (200K of words). Of course, six days does not a sample make, I’ll have a better idea come the end of the month of how I’m doing.

I did go for a walk today. Once around the block in -10 degree weather. It’s now -14 (windchill -40). I was toying with going out tonight just to see what it was like at -14, which is even lower, but opted out. Will get a taste of it when I let dogs out at midnight anyway. One day of walking chained together.

My office space heater has been running all day to keep my office comfortable.

This is roughly how I’m feeling about the weather:


As of night, the insides of my windows are frosted with a layer of ice that is similar in thickness to what I’m used to finding on a car windshield after a night of rain and freezing temps.

Ice has also crept around my front door lock:Photo

Stay warm everyone!