06 Jan

Progress report: day five (a day late)

A slow Sunday spent with the family yesterday. I fell asleep after dinner, though, and woke up with a start sometime after midnight. Contemplated my daily walk, but with the temps dropping and snow plows slamming about I decided to stay in. So did I break my unchained days of walking. In retrospect I should have gone downstairs to the recumbent bike, but as I said, I was really fuzzy-headed.

I took a while for my brain to boot up. But I was really, really determined to have unchained days of writing, and didn’t want to go right back to bed. I spent an hour on the work in progress, Code, and got the amazing total of *drumroll* 22 words. After that hour I determined I was fuzzy enough that further effort may just devolve into words that were in theory written, but in practice going to need rewriting. I ended up spending the next hour looking at land for sale in areas of the country that interest me and then going to bed.

Five days in a row of writing every day, no matter what. Three hundred and sixty to go.