04 Jan

Progress report: day four

Typing this one up from the laptop in the passenger’s seat of the car as Emily drives us up to see her family for Christmas. When I realized it was a trip all the way up to Cleveland (3.5 hours in the car) I bagged my laptop to take with us.

Snagged my fourth day in a row of writing. I think 700 words in the car (hard to focus with kid’s music, other people talking, but it’s doable) brings the story ‘Code’ up to ~2,000 words and I’m going to tap out now and call it a successful day.

We’re at a rest stop, Thalia’s keeping me company as I write up this post.

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She just got a new haircut. Which is pretty cool, because she likes her hair short in a pixie cut (like Aunt Angie!) and we let them choose their haircuts, as they don’t get a lot of control over other things in life at this age. She had it cut that way for a long time at three, but when she started pre-school was given a little bit of a hard time apparently by other kids asking if she was a boy, assuming she was a boy, or being confused. They were all new people, so she asked to grow her hair out, even though she hates it being in her eyes.

I felt real bad about that, but again, her choice, so she started to grow it out again. And to be fair, part of the reason we enjoy the twins having two different hair cuts is… it helps (both others and us). So… her call.

There’s a lot of gender normative pressure on kids already. We talk to them about the fact that toys can be played with by anyone, as they’ll often tag them ‘boy toys’ or ‘girl toys.’ The twins *seem* to get around this be declaring that they can play with boy toys, and look at me as if I’m crazy when I remind them that. So even though they know the designations, they seem to be comfortable about claiming both (though I miss Calli’s love of power tools and construction equipment). I also talked to them about the fact (and showed them pictures) of guys with long hair, women with short, and talked about how I used to have long hair (to combat the ‘boy hair’ and ‘girl hair’ theory).

SO when I came home and found Thalia with her latest pixie cut, I asked her if she was worried about the situation that led to her growing it out happening again, curious. She kinda laughed and said “I’m Thalia!” is if it was their problem to have and not hers anymore.

Which is pretty cool. I’m glad she feels like she can cut her hair however she wants again.