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My birthday was spent working most of the day on some ebook design on a last minute job, editing for the gadgets website. I got in an hour on the short story The Princess Mission that David Klecha and I are doing together before my birthday dinner.

I spent the evening relaxing and eating bad food for my mini-birthday celebration, and watched some Person of Interest. Then got back to editing The Princess Mission; another 2,500 words edited. I think The Princess Mission is done. It’s a zippy little story at 5,500 words. I’ve sent it along to David to read over and see what he thinks, and then it’s out to the editor who asked for it if David is happy.

Two days in a row of working on writing.

Two days in a row of going out for a walk (though I froze in the biting, near 0 air. I need to bundle up a bit more than I did). I ordered a smaller-sized jacket that should fit me closer and not allow cold air in and around my body. My current down jacket was purchased when I was 240lbs, I’m 209 now and dropping. I was 204 before Thanksgiving, but… fucking winter holidays are sugar, cookies, candy… and I’m not as strong as I’d like to be in the refusing bad food department when it’s just everywhere. I’m happy to be back in my routine again.