03 Jan

Jamie Todd Rubin on 7 Lessons Learned from 300 Days of Writing |

Jamie Rubin has things he learned from 300 days of writing. The most I chained together was last year’s 150, so I’m hoping to be able to get where he was:

“A few days ago, I passed another writing milestone for 2013. I’d written 300 out of the last 302 days. As of this morning, I’ve written 303 out of the last 305 days, and 160 consecutive days. Writing those first 5 or 10 days feels good. When I passed 50 days, I was sort of surprised. At 100 days, I felt like I’d run a marathon. At 200 days, I felt surprisingly calm. When I passed 300 days I had a strange mixture of emotions: incredulity at the notion that I’d written almost every day of the year. (I didn’t start until late February so the first two months were a wash); but also, a surprising sense of confidence. I’ve thought about this over the last few days and have put together a list of lessons I’ve learned over the last 300 days of writing every day.”

(Via 7 Lessons Learned from 300 Days of Writing | Jamie Todd Rubin.)

The last lesson, that small, steady habits of writing build up to large results over time, I’ve internalized for a long time, which is why I track my writing in a spreadsheet very closely. It helps keep the writing habit going.