Interesting! I tend to be up around 10:30am, so between James Joyce and F. Scott Fitzgerald…

“I reached out to Wendy MacNaughton — illustrator extraordinaire and very frequent collaborator — and asked her to contribute an illustrated portrait for each of the authors.

The end result — a labor of love months in the making — is this magnificent visualization of the correlation between writers’ wake-up times, displayed in clock-like fashion around each portrait, and their literary productivity, depicted as different-colored ‘auras’ for each of the major awards and stack-bars for number of works published, color-coded for genre. The writers are ordered according to a ‘timeline’ of earliest to latest wake-up times, beginning with Balzac’s insomniac 1 A.M. and ending with Bukowski’s bohemian noon.”

(Via Famous Writers’ Sleep Habits vs. Literary Productivity, Visualized | Brain Pickings.)