When I left my house for my daily walk this greeted me. Lots of snow. The trees intercepted the worst of it there, once I got free of the house I was struggling through the sidewalks to get up to town.

Today I celebrate turning 35. Halfway through my 30s. I wish I came to you with any sort of profundity, but I’m still just excited I made 30. It was dicey, the transition from 29-30 spent in and out of the hospital, so my 30s see me always grateful for each passing birthday celebration. These last five years have been challenging, but each one a gift.

Since I’m a good little freelancer, I actually have a bunch of stuff on my plate and am at the coffee shop with my head down, working away on projects while the family enjoys a snow day.

I feel like I’ve maybe made it to the peak off a long climb here. I’m curious to see if I can capitalize on the momentum I’ve gathered.

I need to also get a new pair of glasses. These are five years old. I remember getting them right before my 30th. Thanks for reading!

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