01 Jan

Progress Report: Day One


This is a picture of a name plate I had made up that makes me happy. It was commissioned back in November when I got the message that World Fantasy Con sent mentioning that some authors were important enough to get name plates and some weren’t, so we should all consider bringing our own. I wasn’t sure if I was in the ‘important’ designation (turns out I did get one, but then I promptly lost it) so I had a walnut and brass name plate created to bring with me!

Of course, I left it in my office.

But I still have it on my desk, as, WFC weirdness toward some authors, I just like having it around as it makes me smile.

Last year I tried to write every day, to create an unchained year of writing. I made it to five months in and then lost the chain. That’s no reason to give up. So this year I’m trying again, and will also try to restart if I miss a day. The only way to build a habit is to keep at it. So I’m going to be reporting in via the blog to keep myself honest.

This afternoon I revised 3,000 words of a 5,000 short story Dave Klecha and I are working on for an anthology (hopefully). It’ll be our 4th collaboration. I also started making notes and early sketches of the outline for the pseudonymous short novel I am writing. So that’s 1 day in a row.

Didn’t go for my daily walk, I think I might leave after the twins are asleep for that. I stayed up a bit late for New Year’s Eve and slept fitfully, meaning that I didn’t get the morning walk in before needing to freelance.

Tomorrow is my birthday. I’d planned to spend it reading Wonderbook and playing video games, but a last minute freelance rush thing needs done, and since I’m still in a pay down debt mindset I’ll be delaying my lazy day happily to get that project done.

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