05 Jun

Kameron Hurley talks about talent and hard work

Interesting blog post by Kameron (who is on fire when it comes to long form blog content that’s thinky):

“We’ve all met those folks who just breezed through math class like it was breathing, or sat at a piano and figured it out easily and could play in a few weeks what took somebody else a few years. But looking at the bestseller lists in this business, and my peers and colleagues, what I actually see is a lot of hard work. Millions upon millions of words of hard work and discipline. Is it easier for some writers to write amazing stuff or complete a book than it is for me? Absolutely. But you know what that means? It means I just have to work harder to be as good, or as fast, or put together a better sentence. And instead of seeing that as a roadblock or some discouraging shit, I see it as a huge challenge.”

(Via Unpacking the “Real Writers Have Talent” Myth | Kameron Hurley.)