09 May

Strange Horizon’s column about writing diversity

A must read for writers:

“We who dwell in the margins have often talked about how we want to see more honest representations of ourselves instead of the stereotypical presentations. So, when an author comes up to me and asks:

‘What would you say of my story which I set in such and such a culture that’s not mine?’ and ‘But you know they have these beliefs and they are so cute and funny, I just wanted to write about it.’

I really can’t help but reassert once again how living cultures do not view current beliefs as ‘cute’ or ‘funny’ but as matters to be treated with respect. I also say that I cannot pass judgment on a story I have not read, but just hearing these statements makes me wonder if I will be able to read such stories without bias.”

(Via Strange Horizons Columns: Movements: So what do you think of my story where I made use of another person’s culture?, by Rochita Loenen-Ruiz.)