18 Apr

Togather, permission based marketing, and moving forward

Back on the 9th I posted a link to questions people had about a service called Togather that was sending out press releases to people who had reviewed my stuff or mentioned me on their pages.

They’d done it without consulting me, or making it fully clear in their PR that this was something they were doing of their own initiative. So I wrote a blog post to explain. I mentioned that I dug their idea (offering ways for readers to crowdsource asking an author to come in person, or gather enough of a crowd ahead of time) and had signed up for the service to kick the tires, but was caught off guard.

Since then, the CEO of Togather both emailed an apology for the manner in which the press release was sent out, and then also called and talked to me on the phone yesterday at length to talk about what he wanted out of Togather, and to again, apologize.

So all is good, now.

Moving forward, what now?

I like Togather’s idea, and the service. And we talked about the fact that I wouldn’t mind experimenting to see if people wanted to use it to facilitate asking me to do online events, or even in-person ones.

So we will, over the next while, try to tweak how they reach out to people to see if they are interested (they revealed that some of you were interested in using Togather to do something with me, despite the initial oops) in doing events, and to see if we can all get win/win things out of it.

I’m particularly interested in seeing how it may be useful in doing some physical readings throughout the summer, but I’m intrigued by the fact that people wanted to figured out how to have a virtual appearance as well.