16 Apr

Online comics creator outlines similarities in boom/bust cycles to eBook gold rush


“Newcomers to webcomics used to point to the rock stars, those big-name comics that are wildly popular and have a huge product line.  Everyone used to see themselves as the next Penny Arcade, living off of their enthusiastic fanbase and nine measly panels per week. That attitude has changed over the last five years. Most of the serious newcomers to webcomics approach putting their product online as part of multi-phase marketing strategy, and they still have low expectations for financial success. For example, Axe Cop was picked up by Fox for a TV show, has a line of toys coming out, and creator Ethan Nicolle recently remarked that he made ‘a similar income as a shift manager at Starbucks.’

(If you ever want to get seriously, rabidly depressed about how little a gifted webcomic creator makes, go browse some of Skullkickers creator Jim Zub’s blog posts.)

I no longer see the forum posts where a webcomics newbie put up fifty strips and then quit in a red rage because the work got to be too much, with no reward. The expectation of success has cratered. “

(Via Nobody’s Job but Yours | K.B. Spangler.)